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The Statement of Patron's Privileges

Welcome to National Chengchi University Library!

To help you fully understand the Library's terms and conditions of use and to confirm your e-mail address, please firstly sign “The Statement of Patron's Privileges” before your start to loan or access the electronic resources.

The Privileges Statement of UST Libraries Services

  1. To activate and access to UST Libraries services by presenting NCCU valid ID cards, the NCCU faculty, staff and students have to firstly complete signing both the Statement of Patron’s Privileges of NCCU Libraries and that of UST Libraries.
    1. For those who have not yet signed the NCCU Libraries Statement, click on the following button, enter NCCU ID number and password to sign in both Statements.
    2. For those who have signed NCCU Libraries Statement, the following button will automatically take you to the UST Statement web page for signing after entering NCCU ID/password.
  2. Who can use UST Libraries services?
    1. NCCU full time faculty, staff and students may enter UST Libraries by presenting NCCU ID Cards to access reading services and borrow books.

If you have any question, please contact us at. 02-29393091 ext. 63222, or email to

Enter your Library ID/password and click to sign!!

Library ID Number
● Library ID Number
● Your Library ID Number is your NCCU ID Card number.
Library Password
● 1.R.O.C patrons: first 6 characters of the R.O.C ID card (English letter included). For example: A12345.
● 2.Foreign patrons: “nccu” + “mmdd”. “mmdd” is month and date of your birthday. For example: nccu0520.